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Lockdown Pub Quiz #1

With normal life and the prospect of going down the pub now a distant memory, many of us are turning to video apps for our social fix. My friends and I are constantly looking for new ways to harness the technology, beyond just drinking beer and talking (more specifically, talking over one another). We’ve tried the games on Houseparty and scheduled a virtual poker night, but nothing so far has compared with a good old fashioned pub (or living room / bedroom / bathroom) quiz. It’s already become a firm weekly favourite.

Lockdown Pub Quiz Logo Round 1

Naturally, as a graphic designer, I’m responsible for the picture round and so far it’s taken the form of a logo quiz. Each week I Photoshop 12 different logo designs and then distribute the quiz sheet via WhatsApp for each person to guess.

It turns out putting one of these together actually takes quite a long time, so rather than all this hard work going to waste, I thought it might be nice to share them with you. Each week throughout the lockdown, I’ll post a new picture quiz for you to download and distribute among your friends.

Let me know how you get on!

Download this week’s logo quiz by clicking the links below:

Lockdown Pub Quiz – Logo Round #1 – PNG File
Lockdown Pub – Logo Round #1 – High Res PDF

Scroll down for answers…

1. HP
2. HBO
3. KIA
4. Clinqiue
5. Pirelli
6. IBM
7. Oxfam
8. Pritt
9. Nescafe
10. Nivea
11. Barbie
12. Macy’s


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