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All my latest news, rants and musings, about work, life and everything else.

Lockdown Pub Quiz #6

Round #6 of the Lockdown Pub Quiz. This week it’s English counties. Can you identify all 10 counties highlighted in grey? For bonus points, can you also identify their respective county towns? As usual, answers at the bottom of the page. Good luck! Scroll...

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Lockdown Pub Quiz #5

Here’s my latest Lockdown Pub Quiz. This week it’s all about identifying capital cities around the world. Armed with just their direction* and distance from Leeds (my base), can you identify all 9 of them? As usual, answers at the bottom of the page....

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My Design Process

One thing I’m often asked by new clients is what my design process is. Whilst every project is different and the process tailored to the needs of the job, they all follow the same basic structure: The Brief Every job starts with a good...

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Lockdown Pub Quiz #4

As promised, here’s a fiendishly difficult new Lockdown Pub Quiz. Below are ten maps of UK cities (and one town) with only their road networks and bodies of water to help you identify them. My friends really struggled with this one. Let me know...

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Lockdown Creativity and Survival

Like anybody whose work revolves heavily around events, coronavirus has hit my business pretty hard. Everybody goes through quieter patches occasionally but I’ve never seen anything quite like the slow down brought about by lockdown. Whilst I’m far from the worst affected, after a...

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Branding a Virtual Conference

It wasn’t until coronavirus arrived that I realised just how much my client-base revolved around conferences and exhibitions. What previously supplied a steady and reliable stream of income, to all involved, has been thrown into complete disarray. With a big question mark now hanging...

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