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Lockdown Creativity and Survival

Like anybody whose work revolves heavily around events, coronavirus has hit my business pretty hard. Everybody goes through quieter patches occasionally but I’ve never seen anything quite like the slow down brought about by lockdown. Whilst I’m far from the worst affected, after a decade of largely uninterrupted work, it’s come as quite a shock.

However, like the advances brought about in times of war, Covid-19 has similarly forced people to reconsider the way in which they live, work and play. We’ve all begun socialising via online video apps, for example. It’s saved our weekly pub quiz. We still get together over beer, and I’m probably speaking to some people more than I did before.

Startups and Virtual Conferences

Here in my hometown of Ilkley, a new food delivery service, Pronto, suddenly popped up. It’s enabled local businesses to start selling their produce to those now unable to physically visit them. It’s Yorkshire’s hyper-local answer to Deliveroo!

One of my biggest clients, Ministry of Testing, host a series of conferences and meet-ups globally each year. With several events now cancelled, they quickly moved online and last week conducted their first virtual conference, TestBash Home. It was a huge success and undoubtedly something that will continue beyond the current crisis.

lockdown creativity home


Seeing how those around me have been forced to adapt is incredibly inspiring. I immediately decided to push ahead with a long-overdue rebrand and redesign of my website. With it, I hope to reach a wider range of clients and maybe even help a few companies also looking to adapt. Or perhaps some new startups looking to seize upon a changed market.

I’ve even thought about setting up a little wood-fire pizza business on the side. And I’ve a couple of other personal projects that I’m hoping to get off the ground. Fingers crossed.

Whilst the future is still unclear, I’m happy to admit that I’m a little nervous about what may come. But at the same time, I feel energised and am being forced to really think about how best to operate in this strange new world.

If you’d like to discuss a new design project, be it branding, a website, web shop or anything else, just drop me a message.

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