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The BIG Rebrand

Coronavirus has thrown us all into chaos and brought the world to a complete stand-still. Suddenly all our hopes and dreams for the year have been put on indefinite hold with no certainty as to when things might return to normal, or indeed, what that new normal might be. 2020 was meant to be the year I got married. The start of a new decade, it felt like a good year for a fresh start and new beginnings; 20-20 – it even sounds good! How wrong could I have been?

Thomas Harvey Design New Website

Writing this post from within the confines of my own house – nothing new there, I’ve been self-isolating for the best part of 10 years – the UK is now in a state of complete lockdown. Work has all but stopped. The street is quiet and the birds are singing. This is a new experience for everybody and the whole world is in it together, like never before.

However, if any personal good is to come of all this, it’s finally given me time to reflect. Time to stop, look at my business and regroup. All the jobs I’ve been putting off, but have been too busy to start, are finally happening. It’s far from the ideal situation I’d have hoped for, but it’s forced me to do something that I’ve desperately been meaning to do – rebrand and build a new website.

New Beginnings

The internet and design standards move so fast these days, so it’s important to keep things fresh and looking good – even more so when that’s the very essence of your business. So here it is, a brand new website, complete with a new logo, portfolio and even a shop

It’s the shop I’m particularly excited about. Based around an ever-growing collection of pop art style patterns (including sheep, bananas and tulips), I’ve created a range of homeware items fit for even the most stylish of homes! Inspired by the abundance of woolly friends that live around our Yorkshire home, the sheep originally formed part of my wedding invitations and eventually multiplied, forming the pattern you see today.

If you’d like help with a rebranding project, a new website, or maybe your own online store, then do get in touch with me to discuss your ideas.

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